YAMAHA Outboard Five Year Warranty

Five year warranty on all new Yamaha Four-Stroke Outboards

  • Offer open for a limited period
  • Applies to leisure users only
  • Covers F2.5 to V8 XTO Offshore models
  • Parts and labour cover
  • Subject to complying with the recommended service schedule
  • Servicing must be carried out by an authorised Yamaha outboard dealer during Year 4 & 5
  • Engine must be run on Yamalube oil
  • Terms and conditions apply

Terms & Conditions
All Yamaha outboards, from model year 2008 and onwards imported by Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Branch UK, purchased for leisure use carry a 3 year manufacturer warranty (commercial 2 yr). All four-stroke outboards purchased for leisure use in the UK and registered on the Yamaha warranty system will be eligible for an additional 2 year period giving a total of 5 years warranty cover. Offer open for a limited period. All cover is subject to regular servicing, as specified in the relevant Yamaha owner’s manual. Full terms & conditions available upon request from your dealer.

Yamaha Factory Warranty

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This Warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. The Warranty applies in all European countries in which Yamaha has authorised Dealers (Details of Yamaha Dealers in Europe can be found at www.yamahamotor.eu) and is given by Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (“the Company”) in respect of the Yamaha Product specified in the attached Unit Registration Details (“the Yamaha Product”), manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company Limited, Iwata-Shi, Japan, (“the Manufacturer”), or any of its subsidiary companies worldwide, and sold by any of the Company’s authorised Dealers.

Yamaha Factory Warranty Period

The period of cover under this warranty is from the first date of registration or date of first sale to a customer, if the unit remains unregistered. See Unit Delivery Document for specific Factory Warranty period of this unit.

Yamaha Assurance

Your unit is manufactured under strict quality control. However, should there be any defect in material or workmanship, the Company guarantees that it will be corrected without charge (except for Competition models).  Refer to the Dealer from whom you purchased your unit or any other Yamaha authorised Dealer in Europe. This Warranty is not affected by a change of ownership, with any remaining period of cover being transferable to subsequent owners.

Yamaha Factory Warranty Benefits & Conditions

The Company guarantees that throughout the Factory Warranty Coverage it will replace any part of the unit which has failed through either a material defect or incorrect factory assembly free of charge providing:


  1. The unit bears the original manufacturer’s identification marks.
  2. The unit is maintained as specified in the Owner’s Manual, and is used in accordance with the instructions herein.
  3. The item to be replaced is either part of the original equipment or a genuine replacement part, with repairs and/or replacements carried out by authorised Yamaha Dealer in Europe.
  4. Reasonable care has been taken to keep the unit clean and free from chemical attack according to the cleaning instructions in the Owner’s Manual.
  5. The unit has not been subjected to any unauthorised alterations, misuse, negligence or accident, or has not been used for purposes other than those for which it was designed, or has not been operated with fuel and lubricants other than those recommended.
  6. Any non-fulfilment of conditions 1 to 5 may, in the discretion of the Company, result in the warranty being fully or partly void.
  7. This Warranty shall be construed in accordance with the country law and any question arising from this Warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts.
  8. This warranty does not provide for alternative transport for the period of repair, in the event of a warrantable failure.
  9. The unit is inspected before usage to be sure your unit is in safe operating condition. Please refer to your owner’s manual for individual unit requirements.

The Yamaha Factory Warranty shall not apply in the following instances

  1. Replacement and/or adjustment due to normal deterioration or wear, and removal of carbon build-up.
  2. Corrosion, oxidation and discoloration caused by weather conditions, salt, harsh chemical products or cleaning compounds.
  3. Damage caused by improper use for a purpose other than originally designed or intended.
  4. Damage caused by use in races, rallies or other similar competitive sports.
  5. Damage caused by an act of God, fire, collision or accident.
  6. Damage caused by installation of parts or accessories that are not original or approved equipment.
  7. Damage caused by improper maintenance or setup by a Dealer or customer.
  8. Damage caused by improper transportation or storage.
  9. Transportation charges to or from the repairing Dealer.
  10. Items which are service parts, those having a lifespan based on usage and expected to be replaced during normal service. Examples of such parts include, but are not limited to propeller, batteries, filters, spark plugs, transmission components, timing chains and timing belt, anodes and certain seals and gaskets.

The replacement of oil, grease and other such items shall be covered when they are used as part of a Warranty Repair.

Customer Liability

  1. The customer shall ensure the unit is operated and maintained properly, in compliance with the instructions and guidelines in the Owner’s Manual.
  2. The customer shall bear the costs of regular service and maintenance, as well as replacement costs of normal wear items.
  3. The customer is also liable for failure and damage caused by abuse, neglect and accidents including incidental and consequential costs.
  4. In the event of a suspected defect, the customer shall present the unit to an authorised Yamaha Dealer in Europe within ten days of the suspected defect being noticed.
  5. The customer is also liable for stripping down and/or inspection costs for a suspected Warranty problem that proves unwarrantable.
  6. The customer is liable for any subsequent repairs that are not Warranty-covered.

Yamaha Factory Warranty territory

Our Yamaha authorised dealer network will assist you in securing trouble-free journeys abroad.
When traveling abroad, remember:

  1. Of course, we hope that your unit will not be subject to a warranty repair, whilst abroad. Before you commence your journey, we would however recommend that your unit is thoroughly serviced, with particular attention paid to items such as propeller, timing belt, engine oil and gear oil, spark plugs, filters, anodes etc. which may otherwise require replacement whilst abroad.
  2. Addresses of Yamaha authorised dealers in Europe can be found at www.yamaha-motor.eu

How do I file a claim?

If you experience a problem with your unit, which you believe should be dealt with under the Warranty, please promptly contact your supplying Dealer or any other authorised Yamaha Dealer in Europe to arrange for the unit to be inspected.
If any problem develops which you believe may render the unit unsafe to use please call your Dealer for help and do not use the unit until it has been inspected.
All claims under Warranty must be submitted on your behalf through an authorised Yamaha Dealer.

What happens if you are not satisfied?

We hope you will be pleased with your Yamaha unit and the service we and our Dealers supply.
However, if you have any reason to complain, please send your complaint, in writing, to your Dealer and a copy of your letter to the Customer Service Department of your Yamaha Distributor.
If your complaint is not handled to your satisfaction or if you believe you are being treated unfairly you may elect to put your case to independent arbitration and we shall be bound by the arbitrator’s decision.
If you wish to do this your Distributor’s Customer Service Department will supply you with full procedure details.

Periodic Inspection

Yamaha units require periodic maintenance and lubrication, the frequency of which may vary between models. Please refer to your unit’s Owner’s Manual for details.
It is essential and a prerequisite that properly conducted, periodic inspections according to the following schedule are carried out to receive the full benefits of the Warranty, described in these Warranty Conditions. Our authorised Yamaha Dealers are trained and highly skilled on any Yamaha unit. Therefore, it is highly recommended that for the safe and sound use of your unit, periodic inspections should be performed by your Yamaha Dealer.
Please make sure the Dealer registers each service interval. Failure to have these services carried out may affect the reliability of your unit and may invalidate the Warranty.

Cleaning your Yamaha

The best way to preserve the condition of your new Yamaha is to wash it regularly. Remaining salt or fresh cooling water in the engine, seaweed and shellfish, oil and other foreign matter can damage internal, surfaces and may affect the smooth operation of controls. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for further details on cleaning and caring for your unit. Your authorised Yamaha Dealer will be able to advise you on the correct cleaning of your unit and lubrication of the controls. We do not recommend the use of high pressure washers and these should be avoided.

*terms and conditions may change without notice, please refer to YAMAHA-Motor.co.uk for up to date information

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