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Price : £2650

RRP: £3100


    Short Shaft Long Shaft
F20BMH   PRICE: £2750
RRP: £2979
PRICE: £2850
RRP: £3079
F20BEH   - PRICE: £3350
RRP: £3609
F20BE   PRICE: £3050
RRP: £3299
 PRICE: £3150
RRP: £3399
F20BEP   PRICE: £3350
RRP: £3609
PRICE: £3450
RRP: £3709

Small-engine convenience, big-engine performance


If you're looking for the winning combination of easy handling and great control, look no further than the F20.


Versatile twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engines, they combine power and responsiveness to deliver an always-smooth ride. Standout fuel economy also means that they're kinder to the environment, with exhaust emissions cut to a minimum.


Enjoy the extras that a Yamaha outboard also brings, benefits – such as computer-controlled ignition, a special light-load starting system, a water-cooled fuel pump, and a large-volume silencer – normally only found on larger engines. For commercial, professional or leisure use, this all adds up to a winning formula.



Engine type: 4-stroke

Displacement: 362 cm³

No. of cylinders/configuration: 2/In-line, SOHC

Bore x stroke: 63.0 mm x 58.1 mm

Prop shaft output at mid range: 14.7kW / 5,500 rpm

Full throttle operating range: 5,000 - 6,000 rpm

Lubrication system: Wet sump

Fuel Induction System: 1-Carb

Ignition / advance system: CDI

Starter system: Elecrtic (E, EH, EP) with prime start™

Gear ratio: 2.08 (27/13)



Recommended boat transom height: S:381mm

Weight with propeller: F20BEPS: 58 kg

Fuel tank capacity: separate, 25 litres

Oil pan capacity: 1.8 litres


Additional features

Control: Remote Control (E, EP)

Trim & tilt method: Power Tilt (EP)

Lighting Coil / Alternator: 12V - 10A with rectifier/regulator

Tilt limitter: N/A

Engine immobiliser: N/A

Propeller: Included

Counter Rotation Model: N/A

Shallow Water Drive: Standard

Digital Network Gauge II (LCD Color): N/A

Digital Network Gauge (Round/Square): N/A

Variable Trolling RPM: N/A

Dual Battery Charging System: N/A

Shift Dampener System (SDS): N/A

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