YAMAHA F250NSB2 X Outboard

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extra-long shaft, steer, throttle & shift by wire, white colour *, **

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Breaking boundaries.

For the 250hp V6 engines, features such as Digital Electric Steering (DES), Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function and Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE), and XTO DNA are what clearly positions them as Premium Yamaha outboards.

Digital Electric Steering is now standard on 250hp V6 engines, equipped with Steer by Wire. DES deliveries a much smoother and more intuitive experience when at the helm, while all Non-SBW 250hp V6 Engines are fully compatible with optional bolt-on DES.

At a glance

  • Built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES) on Steer by Wire engines.
  • Optional bolt-on electric steering for Engines not equipped with Steer by Wire (SBW) providing improved serviceability.
  • TotalTilt? function with integrated tilt limit for effortless trailering and convenience when tilting.
  • Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) for outstanding reverse thrust and control when manoeuvring.
  • Elegant, sleek, lightweight design.
  • Superior engine mounts for less vibration and a softer ride.
  • New and improved lower unit: new components, design features and improved durability.

Technical Information

Engine type
4-stroke, DOHC
4169 cm3
No. of cylinders/configuration
60-deg. V6
Bore x stroke
96.0 x 96.0 mm
Prop shaft output at mid range
183.8 kW (250 HP) @5500 r/min
Full throttle operating range
5,000-6,000 r/min
Lubrication system
Wet sump
Fuel Induction System
Ignition / advance system
Starter system
Gear ratio
1.75 (21/12)
Fuel Injection
Oil pan capacity
6.3 L/ 6.0 L *with/without oil filter exchange
Weight without propeller
260 kg – 268 kg

Additional information

Weight 268 kg